• Femael Crucifixtion by Martina hOffmann
  • Spirit by Martina Hoffmann
  • Alien-Ascension
  • Isla De Las Mujeres by Martina Hoffmann
  • Firekeeper by Martina Hoffmann
  • Guardian Of The Veil by MArtina Hoffmann
  • Shaman Queen by Martina Hoffmann
  • Aligning To The Realm by Martina Hoffmann
  • Stag Queen by Martina Hoffmann
  • Birthscape II By Martina HOffmann
  • Trinity by Martina Hoffmann
  • Healing Spirit by Martina Hoffmann
  • All My Relations by Martina Hoffmann
  • Curandera By Martina HOffmann
  • The One In All by Martina Hoffmann
  • Jeanne D'Arc by Martina Hoffmann
  • Inward by Martina Hoffmann
  • Expansion by Martina Hoffmann
  • Deva Nation By Martina Hoffmann
  • Fireball by Martina Hoffmann
  • Universal Mother by Martina Hoffmann
  • Mujer Y Pajaro by Martina Hoffmann
  • Colibri By Martina Hoffmann
  • Gateway by Martina Hoffmann
  • The Cusp by Martina Hoffmann
  • Snake Charmer by Martina Hoffmann
  • Caught In the Web By Martina Hoffmann
  • Spirit Wind by Martina Hoffmann
  • Homage A Leonardo by Martina Hoffmann
  • Initiation by Martina Hoffmann
  • Inana's Descent by Martina Hoffmann


Celebrating the Visionary Art of Martina Hoffmann



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The 10th Annual Women’s Visionary Congress – Persistence

June 17-19th, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Earthrise Retreat Center, Petaluma, CA


Who we are

The Women’s Visionary Congress is a community of adventurers from all generations and traditions. We are united in a time-honored quest to explore a more vivid and profound awareness of our inner and outer worlds. Our annual Women’s Visionary Congress and WVC Salons are open to people of all genders. We promote the right to self-knowledge, cognitive liberty and new modes of healing that involve nonordinary forms of consciousness. The WVC community shares insights on how we can explore these experiences to understand ourselves more fully, access our creativity, and prepare for moments of spiritual transition. We acknowledge that heightened states of awareness can be entered through meditation, dreams, prayer, physical disciplines, near death events, spiritual practices, dance, music, psychoactive substances, and encounters with the natural world. We support both qualitative and quantitative research methods that examine altered states. WVC gatherings present scholars, healers, activists and artists who address the leading edge of these investigations.  JOIN OUR COMMUNITY     THE ORIGIN STORY OF WVC

Women’s Visionary Congress Gathers for First Event in New York City

The Women’s Visionary Congress held its first gathering in New York City this month which featured three remarkable women from our east coast community. Katherine MacLean PhD, Allyson Grey, and Julie Holland MD each presented their work at an afternoon salon held Saturday, March 12th at the Alchemist’s Kitchen, an event space on the Lower East Side run by our friends from the Evolver Network. The WVC NYC weekend also included a party at the Rubin Museum where a guide led a private tour of the galleries for WVC members. We had great fun on our visit to the Big Apple and welcomed many new friends from throughout the east coast who came to hear the presenters and meet each other. The rising awareness of psychedelic research and therapies continues to draw an increasingly large number of participants to WVC gatherings and our events in NYC were full of thoughtful and interesting people. One of our primary reasons for journeying to NYC was to hear Katherine and Julie discuss their groundbreaking research. We had invited both women to speak at our annual event in California for several years and finally determined that we needed to bring the WVC to their hometown. Katherine, who is one of a small number of women conducting research with psychoactive substances, served as a postdoctoral research fellow and faculty member at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She worked with researchers who examine the impact of psilocybin on personality change and how this substance could enhance mental health and creativity. Her current focus is the role of psychedelics and meditation in preparing individuals... read more

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