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    Mariavittoria Mangini, PhD, FNP, has been a family nurse midwife for twenty-five years. She has written extensively on the impact of psychedelic experiences in shaping the lives of her contemporaries, and has worked closely with many of the most distinguished investigators in this field. Her current project is the development of a Thanatology program for the study of death and dying.

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    Annie Oak is the co-founder of the Women’s Visionary Congress and the Women’s Visionary Council. Annie is a science and technology journalist and works with researchers who analyze human rights data. Founder of the San Francisco-based Full Circle Tea House, she is also co-founder of Take 3 Presents, which produces immersive art events.

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    Patricia James is a medicine woman and cross cultural expert. Her focus is on bridging ancient wisdom with our contemporary times, bringing practical application to the mystical, and to weaving a new ‘braided way’ to live life well. Patricia maintains a private practice in the Bay Area that focuses on psycho-spiritual mentoring, integration, teaching, speaking, and group and individual workshops. She conducts ritual-based ceremonies. Patricia is of Seminole heritage, and is a traditionally trained Cheyenne Pipe Carrier and Priest. Initiated in multiple indigenous spiritual traditions, she has studied wisdom practices and trained in modern healing modalities such as breathwork for nearly 3 decades.


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    Kristina Soriano is a Texan-born Filipina who has lived in San Francisco since 2005. With her Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration, she is passionate about helping organizations with psychedelic advocacy. She has volunteered with the Zendo Project at Envision Festival in Costa Rica, and at Burning Man in Nevada. Her most recent project has been to establish a Donor Advised Fund with her husband called the Psychedelic Literacy Fund, to co-finance the translation of books about psychedelic therapy into different languages. She is also a trained classical pianist, a music teacher, and loves to sing medicine songs while accompanying herself on the ukulele.


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    Ladybird, one of the co-founders of The Humane Prison Hospice Project, served as the initial Executive Director while being responsible for program development and primary facilitation and supervision of the Brothers’ Keepers Peer Support Crisis Counseling and Compassionate End-of Life-Program at San Quentin.


    In addition to her 20+ years working in hospice and palliative medicine, she has a wealth of experience dealing with trauma, mental health, and the painful repercussions of sexual violence. Ladybird has guided medical practitioners, families, private caregivers, as well as directors of programs and institutions around the world on how to be present to experiences that may be hard to hear or bear witness to. Her work has included Doctors Without Borders and The Zen Hospice Project.


    Ladybird is currently a private palliative care consultant with Mettle Health where she co-facilitates discussions about the practical, emotional, spiritual and existential elements of chronic and terminal illness. She offers similar support as a staff member at Commonweal’s Cancer Care Help Program. Ladybird’s other primary interest is in supporting the work of psychedelics as tools for healing. She is a co-investigator/study therapist with a University of Washington study of psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy and a Learning Facilitator for Synthesis Retreat Psilocybin Practitioner Training.



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    Dr. Rajan Dunne is an integrative psychiatrist in private practice at Wildflower Psychiatry and an adjunct faculty member at the University of Arizona. She has worked as a co-investigator on a clinical trial studying psilocybin-assisted treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder, and has been a clinical supervisor and mentor for trainees entering psychedelic-assisted therapy roles. She is a graduate of the Certificate in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies and Research certificate from the California Institute for Integral Studies, and currently serves as a mentor for students in that program. 



  • CAT HO

    Cat Ho is a language nerd with a passion for bridging cultures and creating safer spaces. She has served as content translator and business advisor to Psychedelic Seminars and a live translator at the Tribal Gathering festival. In safety roles, Cat has been a Full Circle Tea House lead at various events (including Women's Visionary Congress), led safety response teams at events by Take 3 Presents, and volunteered with The Zendo Project at Burning Man. Cat speaks Portuguese, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and English, and she aspires to learn more ASL.


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