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    How Does the WVC Champion Elders?

    How Does the WVC Champion Elders?


    The WVC has a strong reputation for careful stewardship of funds and of service  as a nonprofit fiscal sponsor. For thirteen years, the WVC has awarded Laura Huxley grants to elders in psychedelic communities. These awards have only one requirement: that the recipient use the grant funds in support of their personal health, pleasure or well-being.


    The WVC will continue this tradition as a part of its focus on the older members of psychedelic communities. It will organize discussions with elders on WVC website forums, online events and in person discussions. Since its inception, the WVC has also served as a speakers’ bureau and will promote the inclusion of elders at other events as we have historically done for women presenters.


    How You Can Support the WVC and Its Advocacy for Elders


    The WVC is reaching out to funders to help support its projects. Our organization has long standing deep relationships with visionary elders and other community leaders. We also have a strong reputation for the careful stewardship of funds and of service as a nonprofit fiscal sponsor. 


    Elders are often overlooked in discussions about reciprocity. Some make significant contributions to collective knowledge without seeking compensation for themselves. They need allies to help meet their own needs and help ensure that their legacies are honored.The WVC is seeking support from other nonprofit funding organizations, as well as companies and individuals who value the preservation of elders’ knowledge and wisdom. WVC board members are available to talk with potential funders about how they can participate.   

    How Can You Help - A Call To Action 
    WVC presenters, members and supporters are encouraged to nominate elders who they believe can make contributions to programs and discussions supported by the WVC. Help spread the word about our mission and encourage event organizers to contact us for ideas on how to include elders at their gatherings. Donate funds or volunteer your time to help support this critical work. The WVC is also seeking a membership coordinator and a website navigator to increase access within our community. 


    Contact us with your ideas for how people of all generations can more effectively interact and work together. Financial support is also welcome. Donations to the WVC are tax exempt. Make checks payable to WVC and mail them to  P.O. Box 5035, Berkeley, CA 94705, donate via PayPal or via our Pay Giving Fund: https://www.paypal.com/us/fundraiser/charity/2195227.  

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