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    We are delighted to announce that the Women’s Visionary Council (WVC) will host the 2023 Women’s Visionary Congress in Berkeley, CA from Friday, October 6th, to Sunday, October 8th. We hope you can join us for what will be the first in-person Women’s Congress gathering since 2019. Save the date! The theme of the 2023 Women’s Visionary Congress is Renewal: Drawing on Tradition to Inform the Present. Since 2007, this event has amplified the voices of women and elders who work with psychedelics. We invite you to come hear the healers, researchers, activists, artists and spiritual leaders wh
  4. BICYCLE DAY with Hofmann Quotes In appreciation for the people and cultures throughout history who have cherished psychedelic experiences, and helped to bring us to where we are able to undertake this kind of serious study, I would like to introduce you to a holiday that has been celebrated in my community for almost 40 years. In 1984, educational psychology professor Thomas B. Roberts at Northern Illinois University founded the first Bicycle Day, on April 19th. This is the anniversary of the day that Albert Hoffmann first intentionally took LSD in 1943. On the 16th, Dr
  5. How Does the WVC Champion Elders? The WVC has a strong reputation for careful stewardship of funds and of service as a nonprofit fiscal sponsor. For thirteen years, the WVC has awarded Laura Huxley grants to elders in psychedelic communities. These awards have only one requirement: that the recipient use the grant funds in support of their personal health, pleasure or well-being. The WVC will continue this tradition as a part of its focus on the older members of psychedelic communities. It will organize discussions with elders on WVC website forums, online events and i
  6. What Elders Offer To Psychedelic Communities Psychedelic communities in the Western world are often comprised largely of younger people. In traditional cultures, elders are central members of the community. They advise, teach, and guide the transfer of knowledge to support the well-being of all. Especially in times of conflict and confusion, elders bring balance, insight, patience, and clarity. They possess the vision to consider the long-term impact of decisions and how they may affect the vulnerable. Elders Are A Limited Resource That is Especially Important
  7. WVC has always been committed to serving the needs of the profession and ... As Viticus Group, we will retain the WVC events and opportunities with best regards: houseplants care guides
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