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Hi lovely WVC folks - 



Regarding :

News: Is there a way to post within a forum novel topics and articles, or would it be preferred to send the traffic out to the original site? I wonder if there is a way to loop in aligned news organizations. 


Calls for Submissions: Art/articles/expression for a timely WVC journal of sorts


Downloads: There are plenty of free resources, manuals, guides, and literature online. Do we want to make those available?


Roundtables: Weekly or monthly virtual gathering space, to discuss current events and address challenges of the moment.


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Hi Allykat, thank you, yes please to posting topics and articles here! That is exactly what we hope will happen. At this point the Salon category would be the best place for news posts, like the Publications forum. Do you have suggestions for other forum names?

I love the idea of a call for submissions though I don't know who has time to create a journal. ; ) Maybe simply having their work appear on this site would be appealing to creators?

Definitely yes on Downloads. I can imagine a vetting process in a forum first before something gets approved to include there, but that process would be up to the WVC Board. We need to create guidelines and guides for members and moderators, and all the processes.

Yes gatherings! I was imagining we could host periodic Teahouse events for discussion, socializing, networking, and guidance for people on how to engage with this site. 🍵  Maybe on zoom or topia or onlinetown.. What do you think?

So appreciating that you're here and helping with the groundwork!

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