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Maya Blow is a wife, mother, herbalist, classical homeopath, organic farmer and educator practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area. She studied herbal medicine at the California School of Herbal Studies in Northern California, completed four years of homeopathic medical school at the Institute of Classical Homoeopathy in San Francisco, studied Afro Botany through the NCB School of Herbalism & Holistic Health as well as studies Traditional Chinese Medicine & Ayurveda through the East West School of Planetary Herbalism. After graduating from homeopathic medical school, Maya went on to teach materia medica at the ICH. Maya has been studying, practicing and making herbal medicine her whole life and brings to her practice an innate sensitivity, empathy and powerful intuition towards her clients. Besides her passion for holistic and alternative medicine, Maya is an artist and avid crafter. She teaches nature studies, gardening, herbal medicine making, permaculture design and many other homesteading and DIY classes. She has been making and teaching art for two decades and continues to draw her inspiration from her love of nature. Some of her hobbies include organic gardening, animal husbandry, foraging for wild food, fermenting and canning, making herbal medicine, cheese making, and dying with plants. She currently spends most of her time making and selling her hand crafted herbal medicine and cultivating her organic farm in El Sobrante where she lives with her husband and sons, chickens, bees, sheep and jersey milk cows. Maya is also the founder and director of the Soul Flower Farm School of Earth Medicine for Herbal Studies and Permaculture Design.

Presentation: "Growing & Creating Your Herbal Apothecary"

Now more than ever we need to empower ourselves to take our health into our own hands. The herbal kingdom that surrounds us offers us a wealth of health and vitality. From seed to tincture, or from wildcrafted local plants, we can stock our medicine chests full of potent and effective remedies that offer both immunity and resilience to our families and communities. Maya will lead us through her journey as an herbalist and organic farmer growing and processing medicinal plant species into handcrafted seasonal medicine that can be used for preventative health, tonics, to fight infection and more!

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