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Madalyn is a lawyer and activist, drug policy reformer, and harm reductionist. She serves as Chief Legal & Financial Officer for DanceSafe, a 501(c)(3) public health organization that promotes health and safety in the electronic music and nightlife communities. In her role at DanceSafe, she advocates for the safer consumption of drugs by providing resources and peer education on outreach at music festivals and nightlife events, in addition to various organizational and operational duties.

Madalyn’s involvement in drug policy and harm reduction began in 2012 as Director of her law school’s chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, where she hosted various educational events related to harm reduction, cannabis law, and the impacts of the War on Drugs. Madalyn has extensive knowledge in the legal aspects of both nonprofit operations and drug policy, and has 6 years of experience sitting on the board of a startup nonprofit. She believes that drug policy should be rooted in science, compassion, and public health, and is dedicated to helping dismantle the War on Drugs.

Presentation: “From Underground to Mainstream: How Drug Checking has Become a Vital Tool to Combat the Consequences of the War on Drugs”

In today’s unregulated, prohibition-driven drug markets, adulteration and misrepresentation are at an all-time high, and so are the risks that accompany them. Public health and government officials, politicians, law enforcement, and prosecutors are beginning to recognize the importance of drug checking as a legitimate public health tool to prevent adverse medical incidents and even death. In this presentation, she explored the basics of drug checking, its history and barriers, and why it should be implemented as an immediate, tangible solution to combat the consequences of the War on Drugs.

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