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  1. Hi lovely WVC folks - Regarding : News: Is there a way to post within a forum novel topics and articles, or would it be preferred to send the traffic out to the original site? I wonder if there is a way to loop in aligned news organizations. Calls for Submissions: Art/articles/expression for a timely WVC journal of sorts Downloads: There are plenty of free resources, manuals, guides, and literature online. Do we want to make those available? Roundtables: Weekly or monthly virtual gathering space, to discuss current events and addres
  2. There is an abundance of talent and passion within this community and I am oh, so curious to witness what type of skill share opportunities are available. I wonder if we could promote a platform for the sharing/teaching of fringe artistry or technology. Examples could be in the realms of land tending, food preparation, medicine making/health, and esoteric knowledge. In the spirit of 2021, I can see this happening virtually.
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