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Women's Visionary Congress 2023

Renewal: Drawing on Tradition to Inform the Present | October 6-8, Oakland CA

The Forgotten Women of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

With Zoe Dubus

Designing the Future of Psychedelic Medicine

With Tracey De Luca and Elysa Fenebock

Building a Psychedelic Future through Community

With Mareesa Stertz + Mike Margolies

The Evolution of MAPS: A Journey of Healing and Advocacy

With Liana Gilooly

The Art of Foraging: A Journey with Amanita Muscaria

With Jane Straight

Mothers of Psychedelics: Women's Contributions to the Psychedelic Movement

With Erik Dyck

Journey of Hope: Embracing the Human Experience

With Edi Osborne

The Righteous Rage of Women of Color

With Courtney Watson

Orange Sunshine: A Journey of Love, LSD, and Spiritual Awakening

With Carol and Michael Randall

Journey Through Psychedelia: A Pioneer's Tale

With Carolyn Garcia

Awakening Ancient Echoes: Merging Myth and Metaphysics in the Modern Age

With Ayeh Kashani